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Sebring’s Turn One

Turn One at Sebring is one of the fastest corners in North America. It also has the distinction of being one of the bumpiest (second only to Sebring’s Turn 17). Thanks to starting life as a runway for bomber training in World War II, and, well, continuing to be the same concrete, the surface is anything but smooth. Why hasn’t it been repaved? Now, where is the fun in that? Learning to cope with the bumps is part of the fun!

As you exit Turn 17 you’ve begun your preparation for Turn One. You’ll follow a diagonal that leads to the entry of Turn One. Most cars are near top speed as they approach, sometimes in top gear, sometimes not, depending on ratios. It is very hard to see where to turn in, or even see what line to use because of how large the corner is and because of the concrete wall at the apex, blocking the view of half the corner on approach.

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